“I love to think of nature as an unlimited broadcasting station, through which God speaks to us every hour, if we will only tune in.”
— George Washington Carver

What is AfroGranola?

Primarily, it is a blog highlighting the journey of a nature-loving, community-craving, boundary-pushing mom of four who is determined to stay happy, healthy, and socially conscious in an increasingly toxic society.


But AfroGranola is also an interactive space for all of us to explore the intersections of self, nature, community, and culture.

It is an invitation for you to walk alongside a growing village of folks interested in the intersections of personal growth, social liberation, and natural living.

It is a site where wildness is valued, connection is encouraged, and transformation is to be expected.

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AfroGranola is a welcoming place for any and all who can relate to the joys and struggles of raising a family, building a community, and co-creating a better world…all while growing a self.


Who is Dr. Laura?

I’m a mama, a partner, a healer, an activist, a writer, a free spirit, and a big ol’ nerd.

I’ve done some stuff:

  • earned a PhD in Counseling Psychology while raising four kids and keeping a husband 🙂
  • published in some academic psychology journals and well as various blogs, zines, and web-based publications
  • traveled to West Africa, the Caribbean, and all around the United States to learn more about the nexus of identity and community
  • designed an unconventional career path through coaching, teaching, conducting research, writing, community organizing, consulting and working on a farm
  • led dozens of workshops on mindfulness, conflict resolution, effective communication, and restorative practices (the “soft skills” of community activism)
  • helped to develop a social justice curriculum for a 30-acre organic farming school
  • served as a board member for grassroots organizations trying to navigate the non-profit industrial complex
  • read a TON of really good research and writing at the intersections of mental health, nature connection, social justice, education and parenting (usually while drinking a TON of coffee)


But most importantly, I’ve spent the past decade leading myself and my family of six down a long, winding path toward deeper connection.

We live in an intentional community, grow food, live as sustainably as we can and wildschool our kids…while still preserving the best parts of a modern, urban existence.

Why? Because we believe that the ultimate “good life” is one deeply rooted in nature, family, and community. Some might say we’re pretty “out there” and others might claim we haven’t gone far enough. But over the past ten years we’ve purged, simplified, and clarified what it means for us to be Black, natural, happy, and free. And we like where this is headed.


When I’m not hiking in the redwoods, collecting flowers, stargazing, writing, or playing with small humans, I’m reading the emails you send me at afrogranola@gmail.com