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Simplifying Father’s Day

This year, still reeling from transitions to a new home and the launching of several new work projects, the hubby and I were NOT at all interested in doing that little yearly dance usually accompanying Mother’s and Father’s Day. Continue reading “Simplifying Father’s Day”


10 Sci-Fi/Fantasy Novels for Kids of Color

When I was growing up, being a sci-fi geek seemed antithetical to being an urban Black kid. Or so I thought. Thank goodness that in recent years, thousands of melanated folks with a hankering for time travel, humanoid species, dystopian visions and other “out-there” phenomena have leapt out of the closet, blowing the white wash off of the fantasy/sci-fi genre and ushering in an age of Afrofuturism where a kid can be (get this) Black and nerdy at the same time. Lucky punk… Continue reading “10 Sci-Fi/Fantasy Novels for Kids of Color”

The White-Washing of Sustainability

Maybe I’m weird, but I like conferences. And in the past year, I’ve been honored to receive invitations to numerous conferences concerning sustainability, permaculture, green living, environmentalism, and nature connection. (Some of my favorite topics!) And yet, over time my enthusiasm for such gatherings have slowly waned. In fact, I think that I’ll turn down the next invitation. Why? Simple. I am tired of always being the only person of color in the whole conference. Continue reading “The White-Washing of Sustainability”

Music for the Ailing Soul

Is there value in the dark times? L.A.-based singer/songwriter and self-proclaimed wild child Dorian says, “Let the blues transform you into something more powerful.” Download his positively-charged soul music from iTunes, or learn more about his latest album, Everyday Warrior, on his Facebook Page.

Make your own: Black Soap

soap2When my son was a baby, someone recommended African Black Soap for his skin, which was prone to eczema. My Ghanaian husband concurred; black soap is pretty popular in Ghana. But the stuff you find on the store shelves here in the U.S. is not quite like the stuff “back home” in West Africa. I have found that making my own batches of Black Soap (called that because of its dark brown/black color after boiling) can often produce a more satisfying, gentle soap for cleaning and soothing face, hair, and body. Plus…it’s fun to make stuff! 🙂 Continue reading “Make your own: Black Soap”

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